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Expungement How Can I Clear Up My Record? Oregon’s expungement statute, ORS 137.225, lists the technical details. Basically, expungement is a procedure one can go through to have a court issue an order to set aside a prior conviction or a record of an arrest. Some convictions and arrests can’t be expunged: Traffic citations, Class […]

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What to Say during a Traffic Stop

Traffic Stop: “Do You Know Why I Stopped You?” It Happens to Everyone. Sooner or later, everyone gets stopped for a traffic violation. Sooner or later, anyone who drinks and drives gets stopped for DUII. First, it is always best to avoid drinking and driving. Second, following traffic signals and posted speed limits is the best way […]

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Do I Have to Consent to a Search?

Do I have to Allow a Search? Just Say No to Warrantless Searches. There is no “Miranda warning” for searches. The police officer won’t tell you what I’m telling you now—that you have a right to refuse consent to a search of your person, your clothes, your backpack, your briefcase, your car, your boat, your […]

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