DMV: Can They Really Suspend My License?

In a word, YES. The Department of Motor Vehicles operates under the statutes of the State of Oregon, but as a State agency, it is also empowered to create regulations that govern its internal operations as well as the activities of drivers. For criminal offenses that involve driving, and some that involve alcohol, the Department of Motor Vehicles has the power to revoke or suspend the driving privileges of one who is convicted. In fact, sometimes just the allegation of such an offense, if substantiated, is sufficient to trigger a suspension. (See DUII for more information).

As most of us know, even routine situations at the DMV are often complex, time-consuming, and confusing. In cases of suspended licenses or possible criminal activity, it becomes even more difficult to navigate the system. Because deadlines are short and forms are complicated, whenever you are involved in a situation that implicates driving or alcohol, you should contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to help you evaluate the case. It can be possible to remove a suspension if you act quickly through the appropriate channels.

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