Drug Charges

Any drug charges — possession, delivery, or manufacture — can come with serious consequences. Retaining the services of a criminal lawyer with experience in drug charges is the first and best way to protect your rights and ensure you come through the justice system unscathed.

Geoffrey Silver has extensive experience in defense of drug charges, and has helped myriad people see their charges dismissed or their penalties minimized. Drug charges can vary widely, from misdemeanor to felony. You need an attorney to advise, counsel, and defend you, leading you through the complex maze of drug-related law. With Mr. Silver, you know that your future is in good hands.

Attitudes toward drug possession are starting to change; Mr. Silver can use his knowledge of the criminal justice system and these attitudes to avoid draconian consequences. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can help you to avoid harsh penalties, help keep your record clear, and help you seek out non-jail alternatives such as treatment programs and counseling. These alternatives can make a difference: treatment instead of jail or prison is always the best option. Sometimes a conviction can be avoided in its entirety upon successful completion of a treatment program, and early entry into a treatment or 12-step program (such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Life or Meth, Cocaine Anonymous, Diversion programs such as STOP, etc) can often drastically improve your standing. Mr. Silver is well suited to assist individuals with complying with the intricacies of these programs.


Although Washington has now legalized marijuana, Oregon’s drug laws remain strict and punitive. Possession of over an ounce of weed can mar your record forever — or become a non-issue after a well-argued case leading to a dismissal. Similarly, Oregon’s medical marijuana laws are complex and change often. It’s easy to get confused on finer points of the law, and break it unknowingly. If you are a medical marijuana patient, grower, or distributer, regular meetings with an attorney experienced in Oregon’s drug laws can help you to stay on the right side of the law. In cases of user error or mistakes in medical marijuana, Mr. Silver can often get the DA to drop all charges.


Cocaine, meth, heroin, and commercial drug charges can be very scary, but Mr. Silver can guide you through the legal process that looms before you and guard your freedom. You will need an aggressive, insightful, needle-sharp attorney on your side to counter every point, every charge, every piece of evidence brought by the prosecution. More often than you’d expect, serious drug charges are brought via unconstitutional search and seizure, and thus this office’s team of investigators will look into the legality of all charges. If you’re accused of possessing crack, ecstasy, PCP, any psychedelic, cocaine, heroin, meth, pot, oxycontin, prescription narcotics, or any illegal drug, Geoffrey Silver’s decades of experience in successfully defending people against drug-related charges mean that he is ready to support and defend you in this difficult and trying time.