Mediation & Arbitration

No one expects to get into an unsolvable argument with their friends, family members, business partners, landlords, or colleagues. However, issues sometimes arise which cause parties on both sides to seek legal action. Some people have an instinct to jump toward complex litigation, but mediation or arbitration (non-binding and binding, respectively, forms of alternative dispute resolution or ADR) can help people in the community to resolve issues fairly and without the life-altering complications of a trial or court setting. While litigation is founded on an argumentative and adversarial model, alternative dispute resolution seeks cooperative, creative problem-solving and rejects the idea that there must be a complete winner and a complete loser. Many issues revolving around family law, custody disputes, property and landlord/tenant relationships, car accidents, and labor/business can be settled quickly and fairly by using a mediator. This efficient solution can save both parties a great deal of money and stress.

If you choose mediation or arbitration, you will have a higher degree of input on and control of the outcome, as opposed to a lawsuit where you often risk everything. When you participate in the process and are fully heard, there is a greater likelihood that you will achieve a reasonable result. In fact, a mediator can consider information that wouldn’t be available to a judge in a formalized court setting. Because Mr. Silver has been advising clients for 30 years, he has an ability to look at the legal ramifications of the ultimate agreement as well as the emotional and nonlegal consequences. He’s successfully mediated divorces, family issues, property, and other disputes, allowing both parties to resolve their issues without going to court. As a compassionate and thoughtful attorney (he even won the client counseling competition in law school), Mr. Silver has the ability to determine the emotional and legal needs of the participants and craft a result that takes all of the client’s needs into account.

If you’re involved in a dispute with someone you know, consider mediation or arbitration before pursuing litigation. Mr. Silver can help you to get what you deserve without draining your energy or your bank account. Call today for a free phone consultation.


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