Nervous About Your Public Defender?

If you’ve been charged with a crime and assigned a public defender, you may feel anxious about your legal future. While most public defenders are great lawyers who care deeply about equality and helping people, they are also extremely busy. Often an overworked public defender doesn’t have the time or resources to sit down with you and explain all of the complicated details concerning your case, or how your case might compare to other cases in your county. Without incurring the full cost of retaining a private attorney for your case, consider legal consultation to ensure that you understand your charges, your case, and how best to proceed. A second opinion can mean freedom.

Mr. Silver can provide missing information to you and your loved ones that will help you to make decisions that are in your best interest. As a client accused of a crime you have three big choices to make: you can enter a plea bargain, go to trial, and/or testify in your own defense. Your public defender may not have the time or energy to help you think through all of these choices; for efficiency, he or she may lump your case in with their own schema of how cases like yours often go, regardless of the exact details of your situation. Mr. Silver can provide in-depth oversight and advice so that you can make the best possible decisions on your own behalf. He will spend the time to listen to your complete story; this way, he can sift out the facts and details that are relevant to the legal proceedings and advise you on how they may be best used.

Recently, Mr. Silver assisted on a case in which the public defender was planning to go to trial, and had not considered a civil compromise with the victims. However, Mr. Silver was able to get the case dismissed in its entirety by working out a cash payment to the victims in exchange for dismissal. Although the public defender was on the client’s side, he was too busy to consider what might be truly best for the client. Other clients have, on Mr. Silver’s suggestion, taken and passed polygraph tests and had their cases dismissed, although this option is rarely considered by overworked public defenders. In addition,┬áMr. Silver can often assist clients in communication with their attorneys regarding important witness that may need to be contacted and what information they might provide, the possibility of what physical evidence might need to be gathered, what impeachment evidence might be available against the state’s witnesses, and other details that may be overlooked by the assigned attorney. Mr. Silver is also aware of various alternative programs that help clients to avoid community service or serving prison/jail time, and can provide information that might help a public defender in negotiation a better result in a client’s case.

If you’re interested in a second opinion on what your public defender (or another private attorney) is telling you, please contact our office for a free phone consultation. You deserve dedicated legal support.

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