Post-Conviction (PCR)

If you have exhausted your appeals and are staring down your conviction, it can feel dizzying and terrifying, the end of your life as you knew it. Even more demoralizing is finding yourself imprisoned, looking at a long sentence without hope. However, there is one final option to force a completely new trial and fight for your freedom: Post-Conviction Relief (PCR). You do not have to live with an unfair conviction after you have exhausted your appeals: you can work with Mr. Silver for Post-Conviction Relief if you believe your original legal team did not do enough to help you.


When someone is convicted, they can appeal the court’s rulings. If the conviction is upheld on appeal, they are left with what feels like no options. However, for convicted people who believe that their own lawyer’s poor performance — or other misconduct or negligence — led to their conviction, PCR can challenge that conviction and force a new trial. And, although a new trial is all that PCR officially offers, Geoffrey Silver’s expertise has often led to an immediate reduction in charges or even a dismissal in post conviction.


There was misconduct or negligence during your original trial including: prosecutorial misconduct, witnesses who have since recanted or changed their stories, failure by your attorney to investigate important issues, failure by your attorney to call appropriate or sufficient witnesses to testify at your trial, failure by your attorney to deconstruct the State’s case or impeach the State’s witnesses, failure to suppress the State’s evidence, discovery of new evidence, ineffective assistance of counsel (your attorney was ineffective, lacking in research or stamina), or violation of your constitutional rights during the trial or appeal


1) You went to trial and pled GUILTY or NO CONTEST, were convicted, and thus were not allowed to appeal


2) You went to trial and pled NOT GUILTY and were convicted, you have appealed the conviction, and you have exhausted all appeals but the conviction is upheld


3) You have been convicted and have exhausted all available appeals, and you are facing deportation (for many people facing deportation, PCR is the only option)

For each PCR case, Mr. Silver will obtain full court transcripts and records of proceeding as well as the prior attorney’s full files. Unlike using a public defender, where clients must find and raise issues themselves, Mr. Silver works tirelessly to build each case. He will listen to your story in depth to get a full, clear picture of the situation. He will find out whether your guilty plea or your conviction was due to your attorney’s lack of attention or care. He will review every document, talk to every witness, and leave no stone unturned; his experienced investigation team will review and re-analyze all evidence, re-interview witnesses, and evaluate all information with fresh eyes. He will find every defect in the conviction. It takes an expert, highly-qualified criminal defense attorney to look at another attorney’s performance, and to find every minute detail that might be constitutionally inaccurate or illegal. Mr. Silver is an expert criminal defense attorney, and has been handling PCR cases with enormous success for over 25 years. He can challenge your conviction, find the holes that your previous lawyer missed, and fight a final battle for your freedom.

For cases involving deportation, Mr. Silver can help you to prove that your original legal team was not fully informed — or did not fully inform you — about the immigration consequences of your plea or conviction. While attorneys are legally mandated to take INS, Homeland Security, and other removal consequences into consideration, many are not well-versed in the details of deportation and criminal pleas, and may advise their clients to make decisions that ultimately lead to deportation. If you are facing deportation after a conviction, and your original lawyer did not encourage you to make decisions based on possible immigration consequences, you have the right to pursue Post Conviction Relief. Mr. Silver is one of few attorneys in the Portland area who specialize in Post Conviction deportation cases, and he knows that PCR may be your last option, your only hope. He works closely with immigration attorneys and specialists to prevent deportation, and he has the knowledge and skills to challenge your conviction and keep you in the arms of your loved ones. He is dedicated to your life and your freedom, and will help you to fight for it.