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LIST OF JUDGES with Contact Information
Multnomah County Court Basic Information: In Person
Multnomah County Court Basic Information: Phone Numbers
CourtCare Information (Childcare)
Probation and Parole Offices and Contact Information
Community Resources: Hotlines, Help Lines, and Emergency Information
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Visit In-Person: Hours and Locations

Multnomah County Courthouse
1021 SW Fourth Avenue
Portland, OR 97204
Administration (Room 236) 7:00A – 5:00P
Civil Public Counter (Room 210) 8:30A – 5:00P
Civil Cashier (Room 210) 8:00A – 5:00P
Collections (Room 103) 8:00A – 5:00P
Criminal/Traffic/Parking (Room 106) 8:00A – 5:00P
Family Law (Room 211) 8:00A – 5:00P
File Room (Room 131) 12:00P – 5:00P
Jury Room (Room 130) 7:30A – 4:30P
Probate (Room 224) 8:00A – 5:00P

East County Courthouse
18480 SE Stark Street
Portland, OR 97233
First Floor Window (Monday – Thursday) 8:00A – 7:30P; (Friday) 8:00A – 5:00P

Justice Center
1120 SW Third Avenue
Portland, OR 97204
Third Floor Window 8:00A – 11:45A & 12:45P – 5:00P

Juvenile Justice Center
1401 NE 68th Street
Portland, OR 97213
Second Floor Window 8:00A – 5:00P

Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office
Sheriff Daniel Staton
501 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Suite 350
Portland, OR 97214


Contact By Phone: Hours and Contact Numbers

Most court phones are open from 8:30A – 10:30A and 1:30P – 4:30P

Accounting (503.988.3269)
Administration (503.988.3957)
CIVIL Calendaring, Arbitration, Filing, etc (503.988.3022, option 3)
Collections (503.988.6279)
Community Service (503.988.3007)
CourtCare (503.988.4334)
Criminal (503.988.3235, option 3)
Criminal Calendaring: Courthouse (503.988.3235, option 3)
Criminal Calendaring: Justice Center (503.988.3641)
Criminal Indigent Defense (503.988.3987)
Family Law (503.988.3022, option 2)
–Family Law Calendaring (503.988.3185)
–Family Law Mental Commitments ((503.988.3022, option 2)
File Room (503.988.3003)
–File Room: Transcript Coordinator
–File Room: Exhibits (503.988.3012)
Interpreter Services (503.988.3515)
Jail: Turn Self In (503.255.3600)
Jury Room (503.988.3170)
Parking (503.988.3235, option 2)
Probate (503.988.3022, option 4)
Small Claims/FED (503.988.3022, option 1)
Sheriff’s Office (503.988.4300) — Non-emergency line (503.823.3333) — Emergency (911)
Traffic (503.988.3235, option 1)
TriMet Citation Info (503.988.3235, opt 6)
East County Courthouse (503.988.3199)
Justice Center (503.988.3641)
Juvenile Justice Center (503.988.3022, opt 5)


CourtCare: Free Childcare While You’re at the Courthouse


Instead of witnessing adult conflict, hearing harsh words and seeing potentially disturbing scenes, small children, age 6 weeks to 5 years, can play in safe and supportive environment of CourtCare.
CourtCare is available at no cost to parents who are doing business in the Multnomah County Courthouse, Justice Center, and Dispute Resolution Department in the Portland Building. Open from 8:30am to 4:30pm, located on the second floor of the Multnomah County Courthouse Room 214, CourtCare is operated with the nurturing and developmentally appropriate care provided by the Volunteers of ​America Oregon CourtCare staff.

Parents, please note:
Children are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. You must remain in the designated building(s) while your child is in care and you will need to pick up your child during your lunch break, as lunch is not provided.
For more information and availability, please contact:
Cynthean Swanson
CourtCare Program Coordinator
Phone: 503.988.4334
More than 1,000 people give money to support CourtCare. If you would like to be one of them and/or to learn more about CourtCare, please contact:
Multnomah Bar Foundation — Phone: 503.222.3275; Web:


Domestic Violence
421 SE 10th Ave, Portland, OR  97214

Drug Unit / DUII Unit
421 SW 5th Ave-Mezzanine, Portland, OR  97204

1415-B SE 122nd Ave, Portland, OR  97233

Family Services 
421 SW 5th Ave-Suite 700, Portland, OR  97204

495 NE Beech Ave, Gresham, OR  97030

421 SW 5th Ave-Suite 300, Portland, OR  97204

2205 NE Columbia Blvd, Portland, OR  97211

Reduced Supervision Team
421 SW 5th Ave-Suite 490, Portland, OR  97204

421 SW 5th Ave-Suite 200, Portland, OR  97204


List of judges and referees, along with contact information, for Multnomah County, Oregon
Julie E. FrantzChief Criminal Judge228230Donna D. Taggart503.988.3045
Nan G. WallerPresiding Judge208206/204Cheri L. Coe503.988.3846
Katherine TennysonChief Probate Judge308306Vicky M. Chalfant503.988.3078
Maureen McKnightChief Family Court Judge608606Heather503.988.3986
Cheryl A. AlbrechtCriminal & Civil Judges312310Vanessa503.988.3835
Eric J. BergstromCriminal & Civil Judges512510Rachel A. Downing503.988.5029
Eric J. BlochCriminal & Civil Judges508502Joanne M. Gratton503.988.3954
Stephen K. BushongCriminal & Civil Judges738736Shevaun503.988.3546
Kathleen M. DaileyCriminal & Civil Judges716714Coleen503.988.3062
Alicia A. FuchsCriminal & Civil Judges528534Roxanne and Marta503.988.5544
Jerry B. HodsonCriminal & Civil Judges616612Jennifer K. Flynt503.988.5101
Karin J. ImmergutCriminal & Civil Judges424418Susan E. Hull503.988.5008
Edward J. JonesCriminal & Civil Judges338336Janice D. Napier503.988.5340
Henry KantorCriminal & Civil Judges544546Audra L. Henderson503.988.3972
Jerome LaBarreCriminal & Civil Judges702706Lynda503.988.3348
Marilyn LitzenbergerCriminal & Civil Judges548550/554Claudia J. Cougle503.988.3365
Angel LopezCriminal & Civil Judges328322Jessica R. Morilon503.988.3068
Christopher J. MarshallCriminal & Civil Judges538536Jimie L. Weedling503.988.3274
Judith H. MatarazzoCriminal & Civil Judges362360Tiffany A. Fox503.988.3227
Jean K. MaurerCriminal & Civil Judges406404Gloria J. Marti503.988.3668
Adrienne NelsonCriminal & Civil Judges708712Brenda F. Beck503.988.5047
David F. ReesCriminal & Civil Judges734732Deborah E. Spencer503.988.3803
Leslie RobertsCriminal & Civil Judges216212Ling L. Lee503.988.6760
Kelly SkyeCriminal & Civil Judges526530Jill A. Harbin503.988.3204
Kenneth R. WalkerCriminal & Civil Judges450402Nayeli D. Leonard503.988.3041
John A. WittmayerCriminal & Civil Judges518520Sonja M. Lockhart503.988.3165
Youlee Yim YouCriminal & Civil Judges428434Marie D. Brandis503.988.3404
Paula J. KurshnerFamily and Juvenile Judges356358Mary Jane B. Simpson503.988.5010
Michael LoyFamily and Juvenile Judges222223Erin C. Holbrook503.988.3813
Tom RyanFamily and Juvenile Judges410408Jane503.988.3008
Diana I. StuartFamily and Juvenile Judges448446Kristin A. Redd503.988.3201
Susan M. SvetkeyFamily and Juvenile Judges318320Brandy L. Jones503.988.3060
Kathryn Villa-SmithFamily and Juvenile Judges330334Holly, Debra503.988.3985
Merri Souther WyattFamily and Juvenile Judges226227Deborah R. Onishi and Renee E. Christy503.988.3029
Jerome CooperCriminal and Civil Referees503.988.5474 ext.86851
Steve EvansCriminal and Civil Referees503.988.5474 ext.26699
Connie IsgroCriminal and Civil Referees503.988.5474 ext.26848R
Gregory F. SilverCriminal and Civil Referees311Janell503-988-3069
Steven A. ToddCriminal and Civil Referees503.988.5474 ext.29327
Randy WeisbergCriminal and Civil Referees503.988.5474 ext.29339
Michael C. ZusmanCriminal and Civil Referees503.988.5474 ext.26829
Lisa Fithian BarrettFamily and Juvenile Referees503.988.5621
Carol HerzogFamily and Juvenile Referees503.988.5619
Linda HughesFamily and Juvenile Referees503.988.5620
David KnoflerFamily and Juvenile Referees503.988.5622
Michael Greenlick414Bruce503-988-3214
Beth A. Allen324332Elaine503-988-3250
Amy Holmes Hehn556Janet503-988-3052
Jon GhastinCriminal and Civil Referees503-988-5754
ext 29336
Terry HannonCriminal and Civil Referees503-988-5457
ext 26819

Explanation: Judges vs. Referees

Criminal and Civil Judges  
The judges assigned to Criminal and Civil Court hear all criminal cases (misdemeanors and felonies), as well as, infractions and traffic violations. They also hear civil actions (lawsuits), including small claims and landlord/tenant disputes.

Family and Juvenile Judges
The judges assigned to Family Court hear all domestic relations (divorce and child custody) cases, juvenile court matters (dependency, delinquency and termination of parental rights), as well as probate, and civil commitment cases. The Family Court judges also hear misdemeanor criminal cases scheduled in Domestic Violence Court.

Criminal and Civil Referees  
The referees are judicial officers who serve as pro tempore (Latin for “for the time being” or temporary) circuit court judges under appointment from the Oregon Supreme Court. During their appointments they have the same authority as any other circuit judge. They are employees of the Oregon Judicial Department as Referees. The referees usually sit in the following courts: small claims, landlord and tenant, civil commitments, traffic arraignments and trials, and the Justice Center Courts, and they may occasionally have other assignments. The referees also preside over misdemeanor criminal cases, including jury trials, in the Gresham court facility.

Family and Juvenile Referees
The referees serving in the Family Court are judicial officers. They serve both as referees and on occasion as pro tempore (Latin “for the time being” or temporary) circuit court judges under appointment from the Oregon Supreme Court. As referees they are employees of the Oregon Judicial Department. Decisions they make while serving as referees may be reviewed by a circuit court judge. The referees usually hear the following matters: juvenile dependency and juvenile law violation (delinquency), probate, family abuse restraining orders, civil commitments and other family law matters.


24-hour Mental Health Crisis Hotline: 503.988.4888

Women’s 24-hour Crisis Line: 503.235.5333

Alcohol/Drug Help Line: 503.244.1312

Cascadia Urgent Walk-In Clinic: 503.963.2575

Nurse Triage After-Hours (English/Spanish): 503.988.3333

Child Abuse Reporting Line: 503.731.3100

Cascadia (Gresham): 503.661.5455

Tri-Met Information: 503.238.7433

Animal Services: 503.988.7387


Multnomah County Courts



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