Students in Trouble

College can be a thrilling time of growth, freedom, and exploration. Many college students feel that they are in control of their lives for the first time, and try hard to find the right balance of work and play, responsibility and gratification, toeing the line and stepping right over it. Sometimes this rush of new freedom spurs actions that get students in trouble with the law, their school’s disciplinary board, or both. If you (or a college student you care about) have gotten involved with something that threatens your academic success or legal record, an experienced criminal defense lawyer can help you to mitigate damage, keep you in school, and keep your record clean.

Geoffrey Silver works with students and parents from many area colleges and universities (including Reed, Lewis & Clark, Portland State, University of Portland, PCC, and others) accused of a variety of crimes. Many students have trouble with using, possessing, buying or selling drugs: an accusation that can impact future academic success as well as involve the criminal court system. Other students need legal counsel after engaging in a physical altercation, causing a disturbance in public, engaging in illegal academic activities such as plagiarism, or even something as innocuous-sounding as urinating in public. All of these issues, though some seem minor — especially within the free-feeling “bubble” of many colleges — can have lasting criminal and academic impacts on the accused student. An attorney such as Mr. Silver, who is well-versed in the intricacies of representing intelligent and ambitious college students, can help to navigate the mire of legal actions, court systems, and college disciplinary hearings in order to keep students happy, healthy, in school, and positively contributing to their society.

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