Geoffrey Squier Silver has almost 30 years of criminal defense experience, including more than 350 cases that have gone to trial. Since graduating from the Northwestern School of Law at Lewis and Clark College and passing the bar in 1983, he has dedicated his practice to justice, human rights, and the defense of those who need it most. He has spent his career in solo practice, representing people accused of misdemeanors, drug possession, and drunk driving, as well as those accused of major felonies including sex crimes, assaults, robberies, and criminally negligent homicide. He has held several long-term contracts with the State of Oregon to take on cases for indigent people accused of traffic, drug-related, Measure 11, domestic violence, restraining order violations, property crimes, and other serious crimes. From 1986 through 2012, he held a contract with the State of Oregon to represent all of the individuals who filed for Post Conviction Relief in Multnomah County. A longtime member of the National Lawyer’s Guild, he believes that all people have a right to freedom and to a strong legal advocate. He has worked with indigent populations, white collar criminals, college students, and people who managed to get caught up in something they didn’t understand. He believes in support and counseling as a vital component of any criminal legal practice; he wants to help clients stay out of the justice system by showing them how to change their behavior or habits and get help for their problems. Through these methods, the legal team can seek more favorable outcomes in plea bargaining and sentencing. Mr. Silver’s reputation in the Portland legal community for being a strong advocate often leads to excellent plea offers and great treatment for his clients. He is also a member of the Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Association (OCDLA) and the Oregon State Bar Association. Aside from his legal prowess, he is a celebrated photographer.