Philosophy of Law

Caring — Present — Dedicated — Focused — Professional

Geoffrey Silver has always been dedicated to criminal law — the only branch of law that fights for people instead of fighting over money. He prefers working directly with people who need help, offering advice, support, counseling, and aggressive legal services. He is an advocate for freedom, keeping the judicial system from trampling the accused.

Mr. Silver recognizes that an exceptional criminal lawyer is part advocate, part counselor, part negotiator, and part analyst, fueled by hope and righteous indignation. In his people-first law practice, Mr. Silver works with clients to guide them through the maze of the criminal justice system while defending their freedom with an arsenal of creative legal tactics. He sincerely cares about his clients and about their lives, and knows that the threat of a trial — emotionally and financially — can be very frightening, although it can often be the best way to battle the state and win freedom. He works with clients to ensure that they have the emotional, mental, and even financial capacity to win their freedom, regardless of the crime. He picks apart each case in order to analyze it deeply, investigate all alternatives, and find all possible loopholes, mistakes, and violations of rights. He researches, analyzes the evidence and the relationships involved, and provides advice and support for each client along with a strong and analytical defense. He wants to obtain the best possible results for every person he works with, and has a well-earned reputation for doing so. Mr. Silver believes aggressively in freedom and justice, and works hard to empower his clients to make the best decisions for themselves. He knows how frightening it is to be accused by such a powerful and all-encompassing system, and thus devotes himself to three things: 1) keeping people from being swallowed by the uncaring system; 2) empowering them to take charge of their own lives in a positive way; and 3) maintaining fair and competitive prices for his legal services. He favors a teamwork approach: each client is part of the team along with Mr. Silver, investigators, office staff, expert witnesses, and other dedicated professionals.

Mr. Silver has unending hope for clients, and thus gives every client prudent but hopeful advice on how to proceed. Each accused person has three choices to make:

1) Should I go to trial or enter plea negotiations?

2) If I choose to go to trial, do I want a judge or jury trial?

3) If I choose to go to trial, will I testify or invoke my right to remain silent?

Mr. Silver advises his clients, carefully weighing the outcomes and helping them to make each of these decisions. He can read and work the system for clients who are unfamiliar with the courts — advising, for example, that preparing for trial often results in the best plea offers. Mr. Silver gives genuine attention and care to each case he takes on, from misdemeanor to felony. He knows that no two cases, no two people, no two mistakes are the same, and works to find the best, easiest, least disruptful solutions for each person. He works with a group of investigators, and can carefully choose the best investigator for each case. He is also dedicated to finding alternative solutions when necessary, such as Civil Compromise (advising the victim to dismiss the charges in exchange for a civil settlement) and advocating for treatment programs instead of jail time.

Mr. Silver’s law practice is not about money: it is about human rights, about fighting for freedom, and about empowering citizens to be their best selves. Geoffrey Silver knows that mistakes do not define us as people, and he will fight for freedom and a better world.